The project “Observatorio Madrileño Contra la LGTBfobia” seeks to establish a network of work in the Community of Madrid to register, denounce and fight against Hate Crimes against Gay, Lesbians, Trans and Bisexuals. From this project a response is provided at the time of the aggression (support or accompaniment), after it (legal advice, emotional accompaniment) and in the medium or long term (legal, social denudation).

It has the collaboration of numerous associations LGTB of the Community of Madrid forming a network to combat the crimes of hatred for homophobia, transphobia and biphobia, and is a project coordinated by Arcópoli, association of volunteers from the same community working for equalization social and legal of Lesbians, Gay, Trans and Bisexuals (LGTB) and the eradication of any form of LGTBfobia.

The “Plataforma LGTBIcat”, is a platform that brings together different entities of Catalonia that work for the eradication of LGTBIfobia and the defense of the rights and freedoms of the LGTBI collective. The objective of the platform is to create a network of organizations to work together.
The associations that are part of the platform are: FAGC, Casal Lamda, Gais Positius, FLG LGTBI Families, Gaylespol, ACGIL, Stop Sida and Fundació Enllaç.